At Texas Talking Pies, we bake the very best pies possible using only high-quality, natural ingredients and selling them for reasonable prices. Not only are our pies among the tastiest in the industry, TxTalkingPies provides a unique gift-giving opportunity for businesses and individuals to send a personalized message to their customers, family members, and friends right on top of a pie. We make this possible by utilizing technologies unheard of in the pie-baking world to customize, bake, and ship, all in the same day, so that pies arrive at their destinations straight from the oven.

Our Goals are to:

· Create a gift that is truly enjoyed and remembered by its recipients

· Make the gift-giving process as easy-as-possible for our customers

· Exceed our customers’ expectations in value, presentation, and taste

· Maintain a fully-functional e-commerce website for universal ordering and distribution using commercial shipping for delivery

· Offer catering to form new connections with our Texas-area neighbors